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(Liabilities as of 01.01.2018)

1. The registration / membership bindings

Registration for this event is binding. There is no refund of start-up and non-recurring license in case of illness, injury or cancellation.

On other costs related to the registration, a refund will be considered in accordance with specifically deadlines for cancellation / reasoning.

Members of the Assosciation Ridderrennet receive membership fees for the events. Non-members must pay full price if they do not wish to join the association. For the participant the registration is binding and the terms are accepted when the registration has been completed.

Companions/guides must pay full price regardless of membership.

2. Price
The prize for the event includes the benefits chosen by the registration. The organizer reserves the right to raise prices for new or changed taxes, fees, ticket increases, printing errors, costs due to force majeure or similar. An increase must be notified as soon as possible and no later than 20 days before the event. If the increase exceeds 10% of the advertised price, the participant can cancel the event free of charge. Benefits in addition to the application, must be paid extra by the individual participant.

3. Payment
The participant pays upon the registration and will receive a registration confirmation.

4. Personal Information
Personal information is required

To send you registration confirmation and proof of participation.

To send you messages with information about changes, start number and start time to make it faster for you and the organizer to deliver the starting number.

To send you other relevant information about the event, the association's newsletters and other events, the Association Ridderrennet stands for.

In order to deliver high quality results lists and to offer you the best possible service as a participant. In addition to the name, we must save the gender and date of birth to ensure that you are in the correct age category on the results list. We also use the date of birth to keep our participant's registry free of duplicates, so you can find your results across the various competitions.

Your contact details are only stored in our database for these purposes. Information in the database will not be resold or made available to third parties.

5. Change of order
There is no refund on the Registration fee for Ridderrennet. Transport can be cancelled for a refund 14 days before the event, after this date, no refund will be accepted. Prepaid accomodation will be refunded when cancelled before arrival. After arrival will depend on the hotels terms and conditions. 

6. Insurance
Ridderrennet will emphasize that participation in the association's events takes place on the participants' own responsibility. The organizer assumes no responsibility for the financial consequences of possible accidents / damage that may occur during the termination of the events. Members of the Norwegian Folketrygd with a residential address in Norway should have a combined travel / accident insurance. Other participants are advised to draw an equivalent insurance at their registered office. Most full-year travel insurance also includes a cancellation insurance.

7. By signing up, you agree to the following:
The organizer can access the contact information necessary to send you information related to the event. This in order to provide you with the best possible service.

Your name and age class are published in results lists and participant lists.

Your results can be used for seeding in any other event where you participate.

8. Interruption
If a participant has to cancel an event, Ridderrennet is not responsible for additional costs due to the interruption. In such cases reference is made to the participants' private travel insurance. Participants are also not entitled to a refund of all or part of the amount paid.

9. Cancellation of Event
The organizer can change / cancel an event due to force majeure, difficult weather conditions, too few registered, lack of volunteers or similar conditions. In case of cancellation, the organizer is obliged to inform the participants, if possible.

If an event is cancelled because of the above reasons, the entire amount paid will be refunded if cancellation occurs before the event commences. Besides this, participants are not entitled to compensation.

10. Reservations and Photography
The information is provided subject to changes in the program, prices and printing errors that may affect the participants.

As a participant in our events, one can take a photo or video of - either by organizer, co-organizer, sponsors or other participants. These images can be used for the Rider's own publications or on the Rider's website. By signing up, you agree that these images may be posted on the event's web pages, in social media, media, print material and performance lists during and after the event.

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