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General Assembly notice 2023

Monday November 20th

We welcome you to Foreningen Ridderrennets General Assembly

Membership sign up

Time, Place, and Meeting Documents

Time: Monday, November 20th, at 6:00 PM

Place: Idrettens Hus, Ullevål Stadium

The meeting will also be conducted digitally, and a link to the General Meeting will be sent to registered attendees the day before. The meeting documents will be sent out 2 weeks in advance, along with a link for General Meeting registration.

About Attendance, Speaking, and Voting Rights

Individual members aged 15 and over have the right to attend, speak, and vote at the General Meeting.

Membership acquired less than 60 days before the General Meeting (after September 20, 2023) does not grant voting rights, only attendance and speaking rights. Organizations and businesses with memberships have the right to attend and speak with one (1) delegate per membership.

Registration and Renewal of Membership Fees

It is possible to register and renew memberships for 2023 using this link: Membership Registration Link

Deadline for Member Proposals

Proposals from members must reach the Board by October 20, 2023. Please send your proposals to mail@ridderrennet.no.

Deadline for Proposals for New Board Members

For proposals of new board members, please submit them as soon as possible but no later than October 10th, directly to the nominating committee members:

Rainer Henriksen – rainer.henriksen@icloud.com – mobile: 984 52 267

Arne Fagerlie – arnerita@online.no – mobile: 419 00 012

Håkon Gisholt – hakongis@gmail.com – mobile: 957 56587



  1. Welcome from the Chairman
  2. Organization
  3. Board’s Annual Report for 2022
  4. Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report for 2022
  5. Update on the Preliminary Results for 2023
  6. Plans and Budget for 2024 6.1 Plan for the 2024 Budget 6.2 Budget for 2024
  7. Membership Fees for 2024
  8. Submitted Proposals 8.1 Proposals not affecting the bylaws 8.2 Proposals affecting the current bylaws
  9. Elections 9.1 Election of the Board 9.2 Election of the Nominating Committee 9.3 Election of the Auditor
  10. Conclusion Welcome.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to ask.

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